How Cataracts are Treated

cataract eye

The definitive way to treat cataracts is by surgery. Eyeglasses and contacts may delay the need for surgery for months; however, eventually, cataract surgery is imminent.  The decision to have surgery depends on the degree of vision loss and the adverse affects of the cataract on the day-to-day activities.

Cataract surgery is very quick and easy. This 5-minute surgery entails removing the cloudy lens of the eye and replacing it with a synthetic plastic lens implant (IOL) that will never be replaced in the future.  These unique lenses are specific to each patient, and can therefore be made with a prescription correcting their vision and eliminating the need of glasses or contacts.
YAG laser eye surgery is possibly needed post-cataract surgery to treat the membrane that supports the intraocular lens implant. Occasionally, after the initial operation, the capsule or membrane holding the lens implant in place becomes cloudy. This could happen several months or years following the surgery causing blurry vision. Instead of replacing the synthetic lens, a laser is used to create a clear opening in the center of the membrane that clears the vision quickly with no incision necessary.

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