4 steps for diabetic eye care

November is National Diabetic Month and we have four steps to help ensure that your eyes are in great shape.

1. Keep your blood sugar levels under tight control

2. Control your blood pressure

3. Make sure you schedule an appointment with us at least once per year

4. Stay in contact with us and get in right away if you experience:
•    your vision becomes blurry
•    you have trouble reading signs or books
•    you see double
•    one or both of your eyes hurt
•    your eyes get red and stay that way
•    you feel pressure in your eye
•    you see spots or floaters
•    straight lines do not look straight
•    you can’t see things at the side as you used to.

Of course if your vision changes, or you feel something may be wrong with your eyes, schedule an appointment with us by clicking here. At Cohlmia Eye Center, we utilize the latest technology to detect potential eye problems caused by diabetes. Dr. Sam Cohlmia’s experience in diabetic eye care ensures that you will be in great hands.