Foreign Objects in the Eye

Getting foreign objects in the eye isn’t always an emergency. Our eyes can naturally take care of many small natural particles like dust, sand or dirt on their own. Larger objects or man-made materials such as glass or metal may require medical assistance to avoid damaging the eye.

If you do have any debris or foreign objects in the eye that you can’t remove or has caused damage, call our office at 316-264-8932. If an office visit isn’t possible, arrangements will be made for Dr. Cohlmia to meet you at a Wichita emergency room or hospital.

How to Get Sand or Other Small Particles out of Your Eye

  • Don’t rub your eye
  • Allow your eyes to tear; blink several times to let the tears flush out the particles
  • Gently lift your upper eyelid over your lower eyelid lashes so they can try to flush the particles out
  • If tears aren’t sufficient, use saline solution, eyewash or water to flush the eye

Do not attempt to remove an object that’s embedded in the eyeball or has punctured it.

When to Seek Emergency Assistance

See an ophthalmologist right away or go to the emergency room if:

  • You can’t get the debris out
  • It still feels like something’s in your eye after the material is out
  • There is a change in vision after the particle is removed
  • The object is so large it makes it difficult to close the eye
  • A foreign object has cut or punctured the eye

If you Need to Help Someone Who Has Something in their Eye

  • Start by washing your hands
  • Find an area with good lighting
  • Gently pull the person’s lower lid and have the person look up while you examine the eye to see if you can find the object or debris
  • If you don’t see anything, gently hold the upper lid while the person looks down
  • If you can see an object or any particles floating in the tears that cover the eye, you may be able to flush it out with saline solution or clean water

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