Retina Scan May Give Early Warning of Alzheimer’s Disease

Article originally published on A new study shows that an eye scan may be a relatively easy, inexpensive way to test for early Alzheimer’s disease. The study builds on research showing that closely examining the retina might help detect Alzheimer’s in its early stages. The retina is made up of brain tissue. Retinas are connected to the brain … Continued

Symptoms & Treatment of Cataracts

Like developing gray hair and wrinkles, cataract formation is inevitable as we all get older.  As proteins constantly build on the natural lens of the eye throughout our lives, that same lens gradually becomes more dense and opaque, which is what we call a cataract. Therefore, cataract development due to aging is a slow process. … Continued

New Artificial Iris is Now Available

The first stand-alone prosthetic iris has received regulatory approval in the United States. CustomFlex Artificial Iris (HumanOptics) is a flexible silicone device indicated for adults and children with congenital aniridia or iris defects due to albinism, traumatic injury or surgical removal. “Today’s approval of the first artificial iris provides a novel method to treat iris … Continued

Google Glass

With the recent buzz of Google Glass, one can’t help but wonder how these glasses are going to impact the eyes of those who use Glass. Google has warned of potential eye strain, headaches, and have banned children under the age of 13 from wearing them for fear of permanently damaging their eyesight. Google also … Continued

How Cataracts are Treated

The definitive way to treat cataracts is by surgery. Eyeglasses and contacts may delay the need for surgery for months; however, eventually, cataract surgery is imminent.  The decision to have surgery depends on the degree of vision loss and the adverse affects of the cataract on the day-to-day activities. Cataract surgery is very quick and … Continued

What are Cataracts?

A cataract is a cloudiness found on the lens of the eye that leads to impaired vision. Cataracts occur when there is a buildup of protein in the lens causing this cloudiness which prevents light rays from clearly passing through the lens. The result is  loss of vision. Cataracts take time to form, and symptoms … Continued

The Diabetes Diet for the Holidays

With the ever-increasing prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus in our society, it is important to understand the disease and create healthier food options.  Of course, as a diabetic, it is well known that you should not consume sweets along with other carbohydrates.  However, there are many food items out there which are beneficial while others which … Continued

Protect Your Kids with Toy Safety Month

December is known as Toy Safety Month, especially with all of the toys which will be purchased this month for our little ones. Tips for safe buying and playing include: 1. When shopping for toys, keep in mind the child’s age, interests and abilities. 2. Read toy or packaging labels for age ranges and safety … Continued

Prevent Dry Eyes

One of the most common problems among younger and older individuals is dry eyes, which typically gets worse in the winter months.  Its symptoms include redness of the eye, itching, irritation, a foreign body sensation in the eye, light sensitivity, and blurry vision.  Some people describe the blurry vision as intermittent, where it gets worse … Continued

The Eyelid Lift for Eyelid Anti-Aging

The Many Reasons to Consider Eyelid Surgery (also known as Blepharoplasty) The eyes are the window to your soul, or so they say. Your eyes tell a lot about you, but as you age, they may give an appearance to others that just doesn’t ring true as to who you really are. Your eyes may leave you … Continued