The Eyelid Lift (or blepharoplasty)

One of the most sought after surgeries, not only for cosmetic reasons but also for visual ones, is the eyelid lift (or blepharoplasty).  Now that the summer is over and Christmas is fast approaching, the gift of eyesight and/or cosmetic eyelid rejuvenation through a lift may be quite a generous one, either for yourself or … Continued

Benefits of Refractive Surgery

When establishing the need to choose between LASIK and Refractive surgery it is common in cases where the patient’s glasses/contacts prescription is significantly high, that the appropriate vision correction procedure to perform is RLE. Refractive surgery is very similar to cataract surgery; however, as opposed to cataract surgery, no cataract is present. In cataract surgery, … Continued

Learn more about Lasik vs. Refractive

More and more people are becoming comfortable with undergoing eye surgery in order to get rid of their need for glasses and are doing so through LASIK and Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE). Since they are a common trend, it is important that these two correctional procedures be explained a little bit more. (WARNING: Medical content … Continued

Cataract Awareness 2: Treatment

The one and only treatment for cataracts is surgery, where the natural lens of the eye is removed and replaced by a man-made intraocular lens (IOP), which can be especially fitted for the patient’s eye. The IOP acts as a contact lens specific for the patient’s prescription, if you will. What that means is that … Continued

Cataract Awareness

Since August is cataract awareness month, it is only fitting to discuss some of the various causes of cataracts in this blog, followed by treatment options in the upcoming blog. Like developing gray hair and wrinkles, cataract formation is inevitable as we all get older.  As proteins constantly build on the natural lens of the … Continued

Summer Eye Injuries

There are many summer eye injuries, whether accidental or environmental, which can occur during the summer months, in addition to precautions which need to be observed in order to protect your eyes as well as your face, including the following: 1. Fireworks, especially during the months of June and July can be disastrous even for … Continued

Summer Eye Care

With the beginning of summer on our hands, it is time to pay special attention to our summer eye care.  First and foremost, it is crucial to keep sunglasses on during those hot and sunny days in order to protect the eyes from ultraviolet damage.  Most if not all sunglasses have uv protection, but it … Continued

Understanding Red Eye

When the eye turns red, it should not be immediately presumed that the person has “pink eye” or a contagious eye infection. So many times, a student is pulled out of school for fear of a contagious eye infection whenever his/her eye turns red. Some of the causes of a red eye include dry eye, … Continued

Caution with Contact Lenses

With the ever increasing use of contact lenses, more complications are seen these days with the use of such lenses. Most of those complications are due to the fact that people sleep with those contact lenses. Some of the straight forward and non-visually devastating complications include dry eyes, corneal abrasions or scratches, and simple irritation … Continued