Caution with Contact Lenses

With the ever increasing use of contact lenses, more complications are seen these days with the use of such lenses. Most of those complications are due to the fact that people sleep with those contact lenses.

Some of the straight forward and non-visually devastating complications include dry eyes, corneal abrasions or scratches, and simple irritation from the contact lenses or the solutions used to clean those lenses. However, the worst complication that could occur from contact lenses is a corneal ulcer.

A corneal ulcer is typically due to a bacterial infection that destroys the cornea (the clear cover of the eye that allows for vision), thereby causing anything from a large visually debilitating scar to a penetrating ulcer that can completely cause permanent blindness.

Therefore, in addition to regularly cleaning your contact lenses each day and each night, never sleep with contact lenses no matter what you may have been told, and give your eyes a break every now and then especially if your eyes turn red or become irritated from constantly wearing the contact lenses. In cases of irritation or redness of your eyes, always seek care from your ophthalmologist in order to rule out a corneal scratch or an ulcer, which could potentially be visually devastating if not treated early and appropriately

If you would like to make sure your eyes are safe contact us and we will set up and appointment for you.