The Diabetes Diet for the Holidays

With the ever-increasing prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus in our society, it is important to understand the disease and create healthier food options. ¬†Of course, as a diabetic, it is well known that you should not consume sweets along with other carbohydrates. ¬†However, there are many food items out there which are beneficial while others which … Continued

4 steps for diabetic eye care

November is National Diabetic Month and we have four steps to help ensure that your eyes are in great shape. 1. Keep your blood sugar levels under tight control 2. Control your blood pressure 3. Make sure you schedule an appointment with us at least once per year 4. Stay in contact with us and … Continued

Eye care and concerns for Diabetes

November is National Diabetes month and those with Type I or Type II diabetes need to take extra care of their eyes. The leading cause of blindness among Americans ages 40 to 60 years-old is diabetes mellitus. Additionally, the increase in diabetes in younger individuals due to poor dietary habits and obesity cause reason for … Continued